Moss Vale, NSW, Australia N/A

Updated: Sun, 16 Dec 2018 04:55

Outside Temperature N/A
Outside Temperature Trend (1 hour) N/A
Dewpoint N/A
Humidity N/A
Barometer N/A
Barometer Trend (1 hour) N/A
Wind N/A from N/A (N/A)
High Wind N/A from N/A (N/A) at N/A
Today's Rain since 12am 0.0 mm
Today's Rain since 9am 0.0 mm
Rain Rate 0.0 mm/hr
Inside Temperature 18.4°C
Inside Temperature Trend (1 hour) -0.1°C
Inside Humidity 81%
UV 0.0
Solar Radiation 1292 W/m²
High Temperature N/A at N/A
Low Temperature N/A at N/A
High Humidity N/A at N/A
Low Humidity N/A at N/A
High Dewpoint N/A at N/A
Low Dewpoint N/A at N/A
High Barometer N/A at N/A
Low Barometer N/A at N/A
Today's Rain 0.0 mm
High Rain Rate 0.0 mm/hr at 00:00:41
High Wind N/A from N/A (N/A) at N/A
Average Wind N/A
RMS Wind N/A
Vector Average Speed N/A
Vector Average Direction 90° (E)
High Inside Temperature 20.3°C at 00:00:41
Low Inside Temperature 18.4°C at 04:27:06
High UV Low UV
0.0 at 00:00:41 0.0 at 00:00:41
High Radiation Low Radiation
1339 W/m² at 00:01:42 1127 W/m² at 00:03:42
Forecast for Bowral
Issued at 04:34AM EDT on Sun 16 Dec 2018
Forecast for the rest of Sunday
Shower or two. Possible storm.
Max 27
Monday 17 Dec
Min 15 Max 28
Tuesday 18 Dec
Possible shower.
Min 15 Max 26
Wednesday 19 Dec
Shower or two.
Min 15 Max 24
Thursday 20 Dec
Shower or two developing.
Min 17 Max 30
Friday 21 Dec
Shower or two.
Min 15 Max 19
Saturday 22 Dec
Shower or two.
Min 11 Max 17
Full Forecast
The next routine forecast will be issue at 03:50PM EDT Sunday

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BOM observatons for Moss Vale
Issued at 4:32 am EDT Sunday 16 December 2018
Current Temperature 16.8 °C
Apparent Temperature 17.5 °C (Mild)
Relative Humidity 92 %
Wind 6 km/h from NNW
Rain since 9am 1.4 mm


Start civil twilight: 05:09:46
Sunrise: 05:39:45
Transit: 12:53:48
Sunset: 20:07:56
End civil twilight: 20:37:56
Azimuth: 126.2°
Altitude: 686.0°
Right ascension: 263.1°
Declination: -23.3°
Solstice: 22/12/18 09:22:34
Equinox: 21/03/19 08:58:31


Rise: 13:19:25
Transit: 19:41:14
Set: 01:26:10
Azimuth: 226.6°
Altitude: -38.8°
Right ascension: 358.2°
Declination: -4.9°
Full moon: 23/12/18 04:48:35
New moon: 06/01/19 12:28:11
Phase: First quarter
(53% full)


Moss Vale, NSW, Australia
34° 33.04' S
150° 23.78' E
686 meters

This station uses a WS2080, controlled by 'weewx', an experimental weather software system written in Python. Weewx was designed to be simple, fast, and easy to understand by leveraging modern software concepts.

Weewx uptime: 0 days, 7 hours, 11 minutes
Server uptime: 8 days, 14 hours, 23 minutes
weewx v3.8.2

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